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About Awooze


Awooze, launched in 2008 as the UK's streaming specialists has grown organically by focussing on the latest technologies and highest quality, coupled with excellent service and transparent pricing.

In 2010 Awooze relaunched as the UK's first Content Delivery Network to offer a complete service, including streaming, hosting and production, whilst still maintaining the highest commitment to service and competitive pricing.


Our main datacentres are located within Telehouse in London’s Docklands and at The Bunker in east Kent with both sites offering the highest levels of security and resilience. The Bunker site also hosts our main satellite downlink facilities. A dedicated fibre between the two sites ensures full failover capability as well as continuous data replication and backup.


A third management site situated near the M25 provides additional emergency downlink facilities as well as hosting our command and control and extensive monitoring facilities. Our services offer very high availability, with our own first-line support staff being supplemented by additional support from our technology partners where necessary.


Streaming Explained


Streaming is the term used when audio or video data is fed in a continuous stream to a PC via the internet rather than being downloaded to the PC's hard drive. This means that the viewer can start playing the video or audio without waiting for the whole file to download and also protects the content for its owner as a copy of the file is not retained on the viewer's hard drive.

The media player software on the viewer's PC decodes the compressed stream as it arrives from the web.

Streaming services are usually broken down into the following categories:


On Demand Streaming: a pre-recorded file, hosted on our servers. Typically a corporate presentation, movie clip, music sample, demonstration of a machine or process, etc.


Live Event Streaming: an event being filmed or recorded in real time, connected to our servers from the venue and distributed from there to the viewers. Often used for conferences, business announcements, sporting and musical events, weddings, etc.

Continuous (or 24/7) Streaming: this is where a playlist is prepared before hand made up from archived files and live events and streamed effectively as an internet TV or radio channel


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