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Fusionplus TV joins Awooze - (Channel Fusionplus - 31/12/2011)



This is your live FREE to view Online TV station and the commercial brand for the next generation global Internet TV network. Just like a regular TV network, we bring you live and pre-recorded shows, interviews, news snippets and lots of interesting and entertaining features.

As a FREE to air Internet Channel, with a core cultured influence that provides a window into Africa and a link to “HOME” for the entire Blacks outside and within African continent. We at Fusionplus Television showcase diverse content and we reach out to an audience profile that is intelligent and affluent with increasing economic net-worth.


BEN TV joins Awooze - (Channel BenTV - 29/02/2012)


(BEN) Bright Entertainment Network Live

BEN Television (Bright Entertainment Network) is a British television channel launched in 2003, aimed mainly at expatriate Africans living in Europe and North Africa. BEN TV is unique in its mix of entertainment and information content. "The BEN ethos is, 'safe family viewing and empowering communities'."

BEN TV is one of the largest providers of great entertainment to African and ethnic audiences across the UK. Its appeal reaches across, culturally divided audience, from the generation x, to the more mature viewing audience. BEN TV is seen as a broad infotainment channel and not just an African channel.


16th April 2012


BEN TV Goes Mobile with


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